Thursday, January 20, 2011


When I travel - or even just seeing Machu Pichu I get excited about life and the world. I want to rush headfirst into it.

I was a different person in Peru. Coming home has hit hard. I haven't even been back a week and am already in full-swing mope mood: anxious and indecisive about everything.

It's about twenty-two days too late, but my New Year's Resolution is to shake the feeling that I'm still waiting around for my life to start.
Which has a lot to do with decisiveness and commitment and turning twenty-four.

(also make more of Meg's homemade salad dressing, listen to old Kings of Leon circa Aha Shake Heartbreak and Youth & Young Manhood, learn how to do more with my hair, consistently blog, finally read The New Yorker my aunt has always gotten me a subscription to, etc.)