Friday, March 27, 2009

Could Gaze for Days.

What I loved at the National Gallery of Art:
Robert Frank's The Americans Photography Exhibit.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jenna on Paris: Where There's A Will, There's A Way.

First, watch:

And then:

My trip to DC, conversations with friends about our futures, etc. have led me to conclude that I don't need to "get serious" upon graduating. I don't owe my life to the economic crisis. And my endless gratitude to my parents is enough.
I'm young.
I'm independent.
I'm interested.
I'm innovative.
I'm progressive.
I'm college educated.
I want to specialize. Eventually.
I want to traaaaaaaavel. Explore.

I'm excited.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stem Cell Research Barriers Are Lifted! Thus, I'm Dancing In The Streets!

First mo' money for Planned Parenthood.
And now this.

My dear, little liberal heart is so happy.

Place I wanna, wanna travel to so bad: Marrakesh

Big Man On Campus: Bono allegedly gracing Norman with his presence.

Working at KGOU gives me the unique opportunity to listen to NPR 24/7 - the audio is literally booming out of the bathroom walls. (I love it).
So today on Talk of the Nation there was a segment discussing gay characters on television which made me realize how much, with my limited perspective, I associate homosexuality with what I've seen on TV:
1. Rachel Maddow is awesome. Even though content wise, MSNBC is not serving its journalistic purpose with objective integrity. 
2. Will and Grace changed television and society. Not even kidding.
3. Is Ellen's subtlety on her show about being gay a good or bad thing? I say good. Because, as one former homophobic caller put it, "Her show made me realize that I'm not that different from a gay person. Ellen dances to music and I dance to music. Ellen talks to people and I talk to people."

More public radio: a This American Life about Plan B.
Do I know anyone who stuck with Plan A?
If I had, I'd be pursuing life as an...actress!? It was my 9th grade dream. Change is a good thing. Often a courageous thing.

Splendid Isolation: Pete Yorn.
Broken Bones: Aqualung.
Spiraling: Keane.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

So I'll be jiggling my leg in restless anticipation throughout the week...


Awwww, Gidge!

For her birthday, Whitney got her beloved complete Gidget TV series starring a very young and adorable Sally Field who makes these amazingly vivid facial expressions while surfing, dating Moondoggie, getting into various hijinks and saying really cheesy lines from an entirely different era.

So now I'm addicted. 
I want her entire wardrobe.
And I now call Whit, Gidge.

Plus, with the endless supply of microwave popcorn at Theta, total viewing enjoyment never ends.

"For fifteen and a half years my life was a complete and total ick. But then on the 23rd of June two things happened. I fell in love with two things: Jeff, my Moondoggie, and surfing."
- Gidget.

The State Tree.

Here is one of my favorite things about Oklahoma: 49 weeks out of the year, we have zillions of unnoticeable twigs posing as trees on every street corner and building landscaping.

Which means that for about three highly anticipated weeks in early Spring we have Redbud trees in a full bloom fuchsia background.

I'm sure the effect would only be half as beautiful if the blooms didn't have such a tragically short life span. 

These last couple of days have been March perfection. And it can only get better.
With bedroom windows open, bike rides, porch and patio happy hours, runs, viewing sunrises, being surrounded by good friends, naps under trees, music in small, soulful venues, OU Men and Women dominating March Madness...

Which put me in the mood for Anthropologie's unaffordable, but dreamable Mary-Jane/T-Strap heels. Especially these.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Taco Tuesday.

Today, "Taco Tuesday" as it was called in Michelle Worden's house growing up (and now I always call it that in my head, alliteration is effective), I loved:

Spoon: Fitted Shirt.

Josh Rouse: It Looks Like Love. She's Spanish, I'm American EP.

Rachael Yamagata: Be Be Your Love. Worn Me Down.

Blood oranges.

Melted chocolate.

Going to "Graduation Gear-up!" with Whitney and not being unable to get through the experience without laughing through its entirety.
So, we've gotten a zillion emails about this event and there are signs everywhere, "Your only chance to order your cap and gown!" 
The date seemed so far off, and then suddenly here. So I'm picturing entering the Union and everyone wearing crimson and cream and waving at me, greeting me with a bouquet of flowers and balloons... 
And after confessing this image to Whitney, the real thing naturally became just downright hilarious with endless booklets on life after college and how to do your taxes and buy car insurance and what color sash do you get and what college am I in again - graduation is absurd. 
...It ended with us grabbing fistfuls of complimentary lemonade and cookies and waving goodbye to everyone in the ballroom.

Monday, March 2, 2009


It has been brought to my attention that I am lacking a very important post, ahem ahem.
Introducing my littlest sister: Casey Skylar Callahan.
(She got the cool hippie middle name.)

Casey is so unafraid of herself. Honest and up front about it.
She is brave.
And un-phased by failure or what other people think.
...all pretty kick'n qualities for a 15 year old high school freshmen.

She is the only person on the planet that loves television and Gilmore Girls more than me. And the funnest person to watch them with.
And the only person as opinionated as me - maybe even more so. (Meg serves as our neutralizer).


Plus it's so much fun to check out her facebook profile - case in point, the MySpace-esque picture above.

Basically, I love having younger sisters. 
And can't wait for Casey to graduate high school so Meg and I can take her on our much anticipated backpacking trip through South America.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


                  Sandra Bullock in InStyle magazine.

I love hair in the wind.
I love silver bracelets on my wrists.
I love to drive.

Proud Parent.

There is nothing better about nearing graduation then getting to see all the cool things your friends are going to do with their lives.

Today, I am specifically giving "shoutouts" to:

Kelly Sheline for so far acing every interview at the zillions of awesome prospective grad schools dying to have her!

Addi Gist for getting into grad school at Columbia and NYU!

Ron Ron, Christian Louboutin.

BIG NEWS: I am now the proud owner of these shoes.
And I will be wearing them everywhere. Seriously. 
I guarantee they will be poking out from under my bed covers at night.

I hope I'm never ideological.

For example: I can't stand Sprite. I don't like the principle of it - too sugary, blech. But if I were in a desert, dying of thirst and someone offered me up a bottle of Sprite - I would not refuse it.

State government should be the last place ideology takes precedence over the reality of a situation. I am finding the whole Jindal situation disheartening.

...not that I think the stimulus package is the answer to this problem.

READ THIS. Fascinating.