Thursday, January 20, 2011


Most everyone flies into Lima, but the advice we got was to spend as little time in Lima as possible. And while it is a city kind of a city, Walker and I found it to not be as bad as we were anticipating.

Stay: Hostel Kokopelli - fun rooftop bar perfect for post-flight rehabilitation, helpful staff, great location in trendy Miraflores neighborhood.

Eat: Punto Azul. Apparently there's always a long wait, but it was totally worth it. Ceviche, fried calamari and super strong pisco sours (we were not expecting this and got a little giggly).

Avoid: Attempting to get to the beach. Lima is set back from the beach by high cliffs and both walking to it and taking a taxi proved hilarious/frustrating. Not really beachy beaches.

Prepare yourself: For constantly honking cars. And I do mean constant.

Catholic Stuff: San Martin, the first black saint. He loved sweeping floors and hanging out with tree animals. Walker prayed for his sinus infection-prone nose to be healed. He's still holding out hope.

Plazas: One white, one yellow.

Walker's Dream: A large man on the beach in a red speedo with two golden retrievers, happy as a clam.