Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cy Twombly.

An artwork (Untitled Part V (a painting in nine parts)) I haven't been able to get out of my head since visiting his gallery at The Menil.

Also, for fun: How You Think NPR Reporters Look Vs. How They Actually Do.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

she walked in through the out door, out door.

A fun list of things I like. Inspired by the month of February, my boyfriend's birthday, watching the Grammys a few weekends ago, etc. etc. etc.
Prince (because there is no better lyric than, she walked in through the out door, out door).
The Black Keys.
Robert Plant.
Jack White.
Frank Ocean.
Brunch at Cheevers (for Walker's birthday) (he ordered chicken & waffles) (I love his birthday more than he does).
Brunch in general.
On essayists.
Whiskey Bourbon.
The television series Happy Endings.
The style aesthetics of both Stone Fox Bride and Stone Cold Fox.
Jalapeño chips (the ones at Jimmy John's are decidedly best) (also, I used to hate and despise Jimmy John's until Walker came along and now my mouth waters just thinking about the place).
And, on the topic of chips, Zapps! from New Orleans.
A steaming bowl of Pho.
Law & Order SVU marathons (I am hooked) (likely directly related to being enrolled in Crim Pro I right now) (but seriously, I can't stop watching the seemingly endless supply on USA Network).
The name of my favorite lip color: black honey.
Bethenny yoga videos (of Skinnygirl Margarita and Bravo fame) because they just work for me.
Links recommended to me via my cousin: Joy by Zadie Smith and Java Jive.
Moonrise Kingdom (watched on Valentine's Day).
Beasts of the Southern Wild (watched sobbing between my parents).
AND my sister interviewed over at Tomboy Style.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

talk'n feb. fourteenth on feb. fifth

Offerings at Momofuku Milk Bar.

I used to be pretty infamous for my chocolate consumption. Just ask anyone who has lived with me. But since graduating college, my taste buds have trended more toward the salty and savory than the sweet when I want to snack.
That being said, I still love relishing in a holiday that allows for the ordering of a really amazing dessert. So I put together my list of top desserts in the Oklahoma City metro area just for funsies...

Cookies and Cream Milkshake: Braums
This is my go-to.
A real classic.
It's perfection.
Extra points if the Braums employee gets the order wrong at least once or hands you a cup covered in milky-slime debris: just further proof that the end product is so so worth it.

Tiramisu: Cous Cous Cafe
Confession: I actually just tried this just last night and feel like I've discovered gold. Tiramisu is my absolute favorite favorite favorite dessert, and this little Moroccan restuarant (also serving great Baklava) has the best for under three bucks!

Chocolate Pyramid: Paseo Grill
This is my fancy pants/work lunch dessert. With so many layers: and I love layering. Especially the homemade whipped cream layer and caramel/chocolate icing layer and the classic ice cream layer.

Buttermilk Pie: Iron Star
I just like the idea of buttermilk pie so much that I made Walker take me here at three in the afternoon once just to try some: good and only makes special menu appearances.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Bar: Prairie Thunder Bakery
This is not a regular menu item. In fact, it may only be connected to the Thunder making the playoff games. But it is so rich and decadent and completely worth it. Plus I'm a sucker for salted caramel.

The Key Lime Pie: Charleston's
I was trying to avoid places that can't be passed off as local or homegrown, but this dessert is worth a mention.
So fresh and juicy, with real chunks of lime in it. And that graham cracker crust, whew.
I feel like key lime pie is the type of dessert you could spend your entire life searching the world over for just a hint of a perfect slice, meanwhile it was right under your nose at Charleston's the entire time.

Lavender Cake: The Earth
It's light purple! And tastes like perfume. Worth trying.

Ricotta Cheese Cookie: Cafe 501
You want to see the face of God and the wings of angels: get to the center of this cookie.

p.s. My preferred method of eating restaurant dessert is ordering it to-go and eating it out of the styrofoam container on the drive home.

p.p.s. On a completely unrelated note (and for a little fit-spiration)...
Tracy Anderson article email'd to me via Goop. Thanks Gwyneth. I now feel absolutely inspired for a Lent devoted entirely to happiness and healthiness.