Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Lovelier Than You, B.O.B.
(via Walker and my new appreciation for hiphopfusionthatsoundslikekidcudiandorcommonorjohnlegend)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

so true.


This past week was absolutely, perfectly April.
Getting to see two victorious Thunder playoff games with an electric crowd, complete with annoying Lakers fans and really good (and now superstitious) hotdogs.
An amazing NFL draft for the Sooners.
Discovering a neighborhood bar complete with dog.
Kori and I going overboard making an epic brunch for our boyfriends (with a little help from them).
Several trips - including a lunch break - to the Oklahoma City Arts Festival for gyros, fried peaches, an indian taco (oh, and art?).
Recharging with a night alone making Nutella banana nut bread while watching one of the very few movies I can watch repeatedly - Nanny Diaries.
Riding bikes past the swoonworthy homes and gardens in Crown Heights and to Coits for rootbeer floats.
Cheering on Memorial Marathon runners.
And capping it all off with the Norman Music Festival, where it was decided that next year one really needs to wear fairy wings while on a golf cart supplied with corndogs and mixed drinks.

p.s. I got caught up on Glee and decided forget Gaga, Madonna did it so much better.

Who You Gonna Run To, Solid Gold
Stillness is the Move, Dirty Projectors
Cape Canaveral, Conor Oberst
Boy Lilikoi, Jonsi
Frozen, Madonna

Friday, April 23, 2010

cheer up, trendy!

So, unfortunately I'm not able to capture stunning pictures of street styles. Only a blurry picture taken while walking back to the hotel one night. But look here for ideas:

So, I love my Aunt Barb. But there is an age disparity between us and I sometimes found myself craving youth while on our travels.
Cue Kate attempts to go out one night in Sydney on her own. Hahahahahaha. No really, I did.
Maybe it was at the bar right next to the hotel we were staying at. And maybe I only made friends with Texas students studying abroad. And maybe we talked a lot about American television. But still. For how intimidating Sydney nightlife is I was proud to say I ended my night around 2am dancing.

That was the night I decided I admired Australian girls and the way they embody their signature saying: Cheer up, trendy!
In other words, don't try so hard.
Don't wear a stitch of makeup. Put on a little dress, have long Aussie legs in killer heels and pile your long beach hair into a messy bun on top of your head. It should take you five minutes to get ready. Dance until dawn and drink any boy under the table. Walk home along the harbor.

Another quintessential Aussie characteristic: it doesn't take a whole lot to be happy.
Today I spread out on a bath towel upon the grass in our backyard to soak up some of the beautiful weather. I was in my swimsuit, breezing back and forth through the screen door for handfuls of strawberries or a popsicle. Just entirely content, all I need out of life is sunshine and a swimsuit.

...and a good book.
I finished, Diana Vreeland's autobiography, D.V., and it tickled me to death.
She was the iconic editor of Harper's Bazaar and Vogue and later a curator for the Met. The book left me in awe of how utterly out of touch she was with reality, poverty, war, politics, etc.
She lived so completely in a world of Chanel, Andy Warhol, royalty, french, pink and power and, thus, comes off as quite trivial and shallow - despite being such an edgy visionary with the best tastes.

Sydney is a Rogue Wave song. Their new album, I dig it.

lady gaga vs. beyonce.

I'm not writing this because I'm particularly passionate about the topic. I promise I'm not a Beyonce freak. Though I do totally love her.
It's just that after reading the following passage in a recent feature on Lady Gaga in New York Magazine, I became a little outraged.

"And what a happening. At a time when you wouldn’t recognize the faces of the people who make most of the music we listen to (who are those guys in Vampire Weekend, again?), Gaga is visually iconic; in an age of Twitter, the remoteness she has cultivated since her first moment in the spotlight has made her an even bigger star. She completely turns the page on the last decade’s era of bimbodom, taking back the limelight from women who made their careers by admitting that they had nothing to say, like Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson. She also closes a strange era in female pop stardom, with rising talents unable to push through to superstardom (Katy Perry, Rihanna),American Idol contestants (Kelly Clarkson), older stars (Gwen, Fergie), tween stars (Miley and posse), and hugely popular musicians who aren’t pop in their hearts, like Taylor Swift (country crossover) and BeyoncĂ© (urban crossover). She’s riveting in any language, with lyrics that compose their own Esperanto—she’s effortlessly global."

Yes, I think Lady Gaga is over-hyped and it would be nice to not have to hear Bad Romance 10+ times a day. But on the other hand, I'm sure her live show would be awesome to see.
This is not an attack on Gaga, merely the idea that she is the current queen of pop.
My anger is really focused on the fact that the article denies Beyonce - so obviously the biggest female pop star of this decade (see album sales, see the varied markets she reaches, see longevity) - #1 pop diva status because she's an "urban crossover." Which to me just screams: she's black, and therefore can't truly personify pop music. I'm sure I'm reading too much into it, but seriously - what the heck does "urban crossover" even mean and why is it a disqualifier?

p.s. Need more proof, Beyonce's Coachella cool factor: look here.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

always remind her that she's braver than she believes, stronger than she seems and smarter than she thinks.

a) Yeah, we were really into LOST.
b) I can't get over how Parisian you look in this picture!
c) Making out with wonderful Andrew. (Couldn't help myself, too cute).
d) Yeah, we were really really into boba.

Okay, so I stole the above quote from Glamour magazine, but it reminded me of my best friend Jenna Williams who is celebrating her birthday in Paris today!

It's hard not to be seriously jealous of Jenna. In fact, in high school I really, really was - (gotta love the boy drama).
Not only is she super smart, super gorgeous and super hilarious - but she's spent the last years of our friendship in Malibu and Paris.
She goes for her goals, isn't afraid to work hard, is the most honest, good and straight-forward person I know, possesses an unshakable value system and I always leave our skype conversations (which are too few and far between) feeling completely refreshed and energized.
Our friendship has only grown - and instead of any feelings of jealousy, I am only left constantly inspired.

Love you (and miss you) across the miles birthday girl!

Memory: It's Jenna's birthday and we're sleeping over at her house watching Blue Crush when her Dad comes in and says we have to go to OC and take shelter from incoming tornadoes. There is nothing that freaks me out more than a tornado. Michelle and I end up under tables sobbing hysterically while everyone else comforts us. I've never been able to watch Blue Crush without an impending sense of doom since.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

past blast.

Last Thursday I visited Christa Town's kindergarten class at Arbor Grove Elementary to talk about my scuba diving trip to the Great Barrier Reef.

Now, somehow I had it in my head that kindergartners would be able to converse knowingly with me about continents and tropical fish and the human inability to breathe underwater.
Here is what I now know about kindergartners:
they love you unconditionally before they know you.
they prefer pictures.
your high heels will send them over the edge.
if their hand is up, waving in the air and you don't immediately call on them - they will die.
they want candy.
they want candy now.
they will become insanely interested on the one thing you barely mentioned and don't know much about.
they like to hug.
they will call you Ms. Kate over and over.
it's nickname is The Great Barry.
Australia, Antarctica - who cares.
they have yet to notice the limitations of being underwater.

I also came away with so much more appreciation for my best friend Christa, not only because she can get an intimidating room full of tiny, tiny people to sit crisscross applesauce - but because she has to be so tolerant, colorblind, giving, patient, energetic and open to do a job that seems impossible.

I also saw the ever famous Edmond Memorial Follies, starring Casey Callahan!
In a sea of uncomfortably suggestive dance routines, duets, skits, bands, etc. I always find relief in the kids that transcend the high school auditorium. That so purely love to twirl or play the drums. They're not necessarily the best, but they're so free and happy it looks effortless and unassuming and original.

Saw The Runaways with Kori - really liked it.
And adding to my Follies observation, you could just tell Joan Jett would be the one in the band to make it - she literally loved the rock and roll more than all the other trappings that ate everyone else up.
Also, decided my teen years were way too tame.
Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!

And, I can't believe it's been 15 years. I was in 2nd grade, talk about events that shape our lives. Read this.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

sometimes it boggles my mind that statesmen are currently working on ensuring nuclear nonproliferation while I debate grabbing late night ice cream.

Walker and I celebrated our six month anniversaire on Sunday, beginning with breakfast at the same place we spent a sleepy, happy and somewhat confused morning post-ourfirstkiss. Then Walker humiliated me by showing up to run the Redbud 5K dressed as - according to him - "The Patriot." I then humiliated him where the actual running was concerned. And then we drove to Fort Smith, Arkansas for the best food ever at Rolando's. It was a roadtrip complete with red licorice, 5 hour energy and a gas station in smalltown Oklahoma surprisingly and shockingly stocked with commemorative Obama t-shirts. Plus, the second we sat down at the table we were both totally convinced the 3 hour drive there was 100% worth it. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Pretty perfect day. I'm a happy girl.

Spring's Wisteria, the best thing about running in the Spring. Via one of my absolute favorites, Sea of Shoes.

Michelle Obama in Converse. Too cute.
By the way, you know I'm loving how Obama is just killing it recently.

Final image via Garance Dore. Just another favorite blogger.

I've consumed two late night bowls of cereal (in lieu of ice cream) and listened to Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot album all day long. It really feels like restless and perfect Spring, complete with an inexplicable and cliche urge to clean my closet, as well as...
I really want to read those thick novels that are always in the back of my head under must do before death: War and Peace, Lonesome Dove and Gone with the Wind.
And really know my cheese - inspired by my cheese guide book and the fact that Forward Foods opened up a location in OKC.

I really want the Thunder to make it far in the playoffs. I love the team. But mostly I love being on foot in downtown OKC and passing flags and banners and window paintings while running errands for work. There's just such a good feeling in the air, such spirit. Almost like Christmas.

Los Campesinos, You! Me! Dancing!
The National, Brainy
Yeasayer, Madder Red
Bruce Springsteen, I'm On Fire
The Henry Clay People, You Can Be Timeless
Common, Make My Day.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sydney, Australia.

Even from the plane window, the Sydney Opera House did not disappoint - living up to all the glory of its architectural wonder status.

I think it was Clive James who called it a portable typewriter full of oyster shells. And on any given night, depending on the position of the sun, the weather and my mood, it appeared as white sails in the breeze, an armadillo, a Trojan helmet, butterfly wings...

I couldn't stop looking at it.

An added bonus is that every now and then they light it up with a theme, as if the wings are a blank canvas - this happened while I was eating lobster in a restaurant with a view, so it was like a moment of perfection.

I also got the privilege of seeing an Opera performed there - La Traviata.
This was my first Opera and the grandeur of the event did not escape me.
I felt like a little girl exploring in my Super Target dress wrinkled from being at the bottom of the suitcase, allowed in the same atmosphere as elegant women dressed in ruby red and furs, drinking cocktails on the patio during intermission while staring out at the harbor.
And though I haven't been converted into an avid Opera follower, there's something transformative about music sung passionately in another language, full of power and climax and anticlimax - all that translates is pure emotion, enough to tell the story to anyone.

Other Sydney highlights:

Royal Botanical Gardens - started when a very rich and jealous man wanted his wife to be able to go look out at the ocean and be outside without being seen by other men, naturally he built her a magnificent walled off garden.
The best bookstores.
Aquarium - spent practically the entire day there.
Bondi Beach.
High church, an Aunt Barb staple.
National Library.
City life, city style.
And I kinda fell for Ken Done's drawings of the opera house while I was there.

Cairns, Australia.

Perhaps my favorite adventure of the trip: I scuba'd the Great Barrier Reef!

Yup, three dives down into the magical, wondrous place that can only be described in terms of elementary school science textbooks, outer space and the 64 pack of Crayola Crayons.

We stayed in Cairns - this surprisingly uncommercialized beach town where we took a boat out with a dive group to the Michaelmas Cay area.

Not only did I get to witness the beauty of an entirely different world, but I overcame my own predictable anxiety...

I found myself having a panic attack in the middle of the vast ocean, scared of ever present vertigo and suddenly finding it crazy to be completely relying on a single tube inserted into my mouth for life support.
That's when our scuba guide, Claire, held my hands as we both bobbed up and down in the salty waves and said: "Kate, no one is making you do this. I can easily put you back on the boat. But, you're never going to find Nemo."
And suddenly it hit me: I am at the freaking Great Barrier Reef and I worked so hard and came so far to be able to do this, I am not going to wimp out now!
And after the initial shock of descending into the water - the diving became this calm and peaceful moment in time, breathing in and out, in and out, focused completely on the coral around me.
About 10 minutes into the first dive, Claire tugged my arm and pointed to a little Clownfish all by itself (normally Clownfish swim in large schools) and I felt my eyes water encased in their prescription goggles. I knew, without a doubt in my mind, that I was looking at my own personal Nemo!
I also saw gigantic, purple clams open and close, ran my fingers through spaghetti textured corals while admiring jellyfish, delicate seahorses, and fish in every pattern and color imaginable.

Other Cairns attractions:
Koala Sanctuary. I got to hold one (...for a price, but still!).
Butterfly Sanctuary.
Baby Kangaroos - joeys, if you will.
Passionfruit and Dragonfruit, three times a day.
Bizarre Outback Episcopalian church service.
Bizarre Aboriginal theme park - don't ask.
People out and about everywhere.