Thursday, March 29, 2012

guess i'll just have to go back.

More amazing NYC To-Do's via my (second) cousin Sandra, current NYC resident who will be working at the Peggy Guggenheim collection in Venice this summer (!!!)...

One thing you must add to the NYC itinerary if you have time: Nitehawk. It's a theater in Williamsburg that serves cocktails and dishes that correspond with the films. The screening rooms are tiny and romantic and you and Walker will love everything about it.
Hm, what else?
Prune for brunch, get there at 9:40 and wait in line with the Times, and then you don't have to deal with the line. They have the most remarkable bloody mary menu.
Roberta's for pizza and beer and cool Bushwick ambiance--go for the early bird special at 6 or else it gets packed.
See the Whitney Biennial if you have time for the best of the best American contemporary art. And the New Museum Triennial for a more global survey.
Ride the 6 train all the way to the end and it will take you around the end and you can see the old, abandoned stop through the windows (you can do this with walker and he will be so impressed!).
Listen to Meg and definitely walk over the BB and eat some ice cream or pizza at Grimaldi's on the other side. Do the highline. It's supposed to be beautiful weather!!!!

just hangin'

New York City! (said in a Pace Picante commercial voice).

drink beer from mason jars in brooklyn: check.
stay with a world class klezmer musician fresh off his european tour: check.
cream cheese smeared bagels while walking through springtime park slope: check.
recline on deck chairs at the highline: check.

Watson and the Shark.

John Singeton Copley.
Seen at the National Gallery of Art.
Read An Object of Beauty.

biking amongst the d.c. cherry blossoms.

Things I love, love, love...
Walker Robins + Capitol Bike Share + Cherry Blossoms + Monuments + Cherry Blossom Beer.

Best part of the trip: after biking all uphill to have pizza at 2amy's in Tenleytown (blog nerd alert: a Rockstar Diaries favorite), Walker and I biked back down Embassy Row on Massachusetts Avenue, calling out which embassy was which, and being stopped by security to let VP Biden's motorcade pass.

st. louis in the details.

So this post lacks evidence of our entire reason for the road trip: to watch a NHL hockey game with Walker's roommate back in Israel, Joe, as in Joe from Ohio.
The St. Louis Blues v. the Columbus Blue Jackets.
(um, NHL-level hockey games are awesome - had no idea about the fighting being totally allowed, if not encouraged).

To me, St. Louis felt like Detroit. Except I've never been to Detroit, so it's a Chrysler commercial imagined version: deserted, gray, epic architecture, old industry, Eminem (or native son Nelly) thumping in the background.
This impression had a lot to do with the fact that (thanks to Walker's sister's connects) we stayed at this beautifully restored historic train station turned hotel - except that it connected to this gigantic, cheesy, Hard Rock Cafe-type mall. With absolutely no people in it. On a weekend. It was a depressing juxtaposition. That being said, all "downtowns" are kinda depressing/desolate on weekends.

I would recommend:
Maibock from Morgan Street Brewery.
And barbecue from Pappy's. (We got lucky we were there on a Sunday, so Walker could indulge in eating meat).
Plus, Kelly Sheline's recommendation of looking around at Central West End. Huge Catholic identity.
And Citygarden with its' popular-modern sculptures. A little "been there, done that" - but still a really nice idea.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

so the st. louis arch, actually really cool.

(i took an excessive amount of pics)
but such a great frame for a city.

the art of storytelling.

i love the part in the story when your eyes are already wide and then they throw up their hands and say, "Oh no, just WAIT."

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

email subject header: you better read this, it took a long time.


I arrive thursday night, chill friday, and then will leave probably late afternoon on Saturday. (Andrew is possibly coming depending on his work schedule)



the highline

an old elevated subway track converted into a park. This park is absolutely beautiful, and I would say this is a must (especially if you go to Chelsea Market first to grab a picnic, or at sunset)--Wait to go to here---I want to take you and Walker ; )

the brooklyn bridge

I highly recommend walking across it. Its just nice. (Especially if the weather is good).

central park

duh. so good.

lincoln center

in my opinion, the most beautiful building/plaza in nyc


the brooklyn flea

super cool, if not for the 'finds' for the fun of the event, and for the people watching--downside-its not cheap as you might assume.

farmers market

the one linked is awesome, but the dates are few and far between--I am planning on taking you guys to one market that is off the hook--see 'park slope'

ikea ferry

this is actually a cool way to see the city. Plus you will be in Red Hook Brooklyn which is has a slew of places in itself (see Red Hook)

just research stuff. I know in the summer there are ALOT of free concerts/events that happen in the park that are always fun.



Mario Bitali's child. A marvel of a place. I just went there for the first time and have mixed feelings. Essentially its a large indoor marketplace modeled after the marketplaces of Italy. There are meat vendors, fish vendors, cheesemongers, pasta makers, coffee experts, etc. etc. ec. and small little restaurant like places scattered along the way. The 'thing' is- we eat what we sell, we sell what we the restaurants only use goods from the market, and everything is made fresh. I haven't eaten at a restaurant, but I drooled over other people's food. You literally see the chef walk over to the cheese guy, pick out a cheese, then use it in a dish he is making. Its cool. BUT its so fucking new york crowded it almost makes you crazy.

Chelsea Market

A large indoor market place scattered with little food vendors, the building and the layout is super cool, but I wouldn't say the food is super amazing (compared to Eataly that is), but the area around is pretty cool.

Mast Brothers

You know the stuff--the brick and mortar store is located in front of their chocolate making kitchen, and although there is nothing extremely special about the place- its cool to see and they have samples of their chocolate nom nom. I would only go if you are in the area (which you most likely will be if you go to any of the following restaurants)


Yum yum yum. Andrew's favorite. Venezuelan food- don't look at anything on the menu other than the Arepas. Okay, you can look, but get an Arepa. There are two locations: One on the lower east side, and one in Williamsburg. I prefer the one in WIlliamsburg, because they have a cozy outdoor area, but the menu is the same at both locations.

Fette Sau

YUM YUM YUM. My favorite place. Barbeque. Fucking good barbeque. And an amazing beer selection. GO HERE. (or actually--don't go--wait for me and we can go together!)

Marlow and Sons Diner

Two restaurants, same owners. Really basic, seasonal, 'pure' food. I have been to Marlow and Sons for brunch and nearly keeled over after eating a 'scone with cream'. This place isn't mind blowing, but it sure is good. I have not been to Diner, but have heard amazing things about it (and they are right next door to each other)

Stumptown Coffee

caffeine fix? great coffee.

yummy veggies. good brunch. nice atmosphere.

haven't been, but have it is on my list. I have also stared inside. It looks great.

yummy yummy yummy.

really good donuts, but they are the best when fresh (like 7am--and there is always a line blah)

random, semi-creepy, but ooo soo good.


brooklyn circus

cool brooklyny mens clothes (but I would call it unisex)-- I'm really into men's clothing at the moment.

I hate shopping in NY. crowded, but there are some awesome stores and I am sure you know better than I.


williamsburg, brooklyn

AKA Hipster nation. This admittedly ugly part of Brooklyn is home to every hipster ever. I want to hate this place but can't. There are just too many good places to eat here, too many cool kids to watch, and risd alumni galore. Home to Mast Brothers Chocolate, Marlow and Sons, and Brooklyn Circus. I have a feeling Walker will not like this area.

park slope, brooklyn

This is the hood in which I resided in my small NY stint. Home to many a beautiful brownstone, Prospect Park (Brooklyn's Central Park), and land of hip moms clad with strollers. I love walking around these parts--the neighborhood is the attraction (the restaurants aren't amazing, and although the park is nice--sucks compared to central), however, there is a baller farmer's market here every saturday that I would HIGHLY recommend you go to (that is, if you like people watching, dog watching, testing hipster canned jams, and the most delicious grapes on earth)--let's do this together if your still around Saturday morn.


My favorite area in Manhattan. Boulevard like streets (which come as a surprising relief after the congested tiny streets/tall buildings of the rest of the city), lofty style buildings, galleries and home to my FAVORITE new york spot: the highline.

greenwich village

super cute


'district under the manhattan bridge overpass' (I think thats what it came from) weird. But a cool area on the very edge of brooklyn. Its a small neighborhood that is literally under the Brooklyn Bridge. There is a lovely little park there that sits next to the water, and there is also a 'legendary' pizza place here Grimaldi's---never been, but hear its great.

red hook, brooklyn

this is a bizarre area of brooklyn, that I would not recommend going to EXCEPT I am because of one thing FOOD. This rundown, industrial area of brooklyn is host to many an artist/deisgner studio (because of the large studio spaces and low rent)--it is not 'hipster' like williamsburg by any means, instead it is a largely low-income latino neighborhood. In the middle of the area, there is a community soccer field, and around noontime food trucks galore gather around it's perimeter. Delicious and cheap Mexican food. Nearby is the BEST grocery store in the world, Fairway. I know, you are asking yourself 'why go to a grocery store on my short trip'--there is no explanation other than I love grocery stores and this one is awesome, and it has a back patio area that looks out to lady liberty herself.

- Meg.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

take care.

My birthday present to Walker was tickets to the Drake concert which went down Tuesday night.
It also happened to be my first ever rap concert and IT WAS SO AWESOME.
In part because for some mysterious, magical reason our tickets got upgraded upon arrival.
But mostly because, in addition to being a great lyricist, Drake puts on a dynamic, fun, sexy, personal performance in an arena complete with laser lights and neon mini skirts.
Walker and I left all smiles, a result I now think should really be the entire goal of the concert-going experience.

I had actually wanted to start off this post with the frustration of my utter inability to blog.
I want to blame it on being too busy, but that's such a cop out.
(...I make time for Thunder games, Downton Abbey, Lake Hefner bike rides double timed, too frequent trips to Whole Foods, mind-numbed internet surfing, etc.)
The real culprit it always, always, always not having the will or the energy.
I fall dead asleep every night completely drained - which should be a great feeling, I want to give my all to the day.
But instead I feel disheartened by the fact that I've devoted zero time in months and months to the things I really, truly, deeply love in life: reading and writing. (Appellate Briefs do not count).
I can't summon the energy to finish one long form link off the Longreads Twitter feed!!?
My mind forms a complete blank every time I try to think up a post.
And ever getting around to writing that novel? Currently laughable.
I'm not making any promises or grand resolutions at the moment (again, just don't have the energy), but I do feel a renewed determination to figure out how to make the things I really take innate joy and meaning from an integral part of my future.