Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Resolution: the Perfect Week.

Photos via super fun site The Selby - with the feature on Dan Martensen and Shannan Click being exactly what I envision "The Perfect Week" to look like.

Wake up early three weekday mornings and run four to five miles. Run six to seven miles on a weekend. Please remember to stretch.
Unwind by drinking wine at night with my roommates while watching bad television.
Cook more than I eat out. But still eat out of course, because it's one of my favorite things.
Bike as much as possible: to Walker's house, to try a yoga class (ha.), etc.
Breakfast with Beth.
Receive/send a letter in the mail or a great email from/to a friend that's too far away.
Make mandatory time to write and really write.
Don't forget the reusable bags when grocery shopping.
Don't have a freak out about the future - be at peace and be committed to the decisions I make.
Use the internet constructively, to be a more informed and interesting person - not endlessly clicking through photo albums only to come to the realization that all the people featured are complete strangers.
Reading chapters of a really good book before bed. Or on a blanket in a park on a warm day.
Hang out with my mom, dad and Casey. Have a great phone conversation with Meg.
Have a killer night out that somehow involves dancing in great shoes.
Spend a really early Saturday morning being forced by Walker to volunteer. Followed by a trip to the Farmer's Market, followed by a thrift store and a nap.
Go to church on Sunday.