Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Kind of Halloween Movie.

(Hocus Pocus).

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Friday Night Lights.

If I haven't made it crystal clear, I love good television shows. Just love them.
In elementary school my family and I stayed in Odessa, TX once during a road trip, and I clearly remember this flat, empty town and its huge high school football stadium with unreal lights that lit the thing up like an alien spaceship. That image has always stuck with me, just so romantic and mysterious and sad.
So naturally my most recent addiction has been Friday Night Lights - I just finished the third season.

Not only is the story line and acting spot-on and the filming beautiful, but the portrayal of a small southwestern town is so authentic - not cheesy or overdone.
Instead of a mocking parody, the show takes things like the football culture, high school, the isolated ignorance, the alcoholics and abuse and meth labs, the religious devotion, the "everyone knows everyone" aspect, the poverty, the fact that so many soldiers come from this type of background, etc. and raises it to an entirely different level by taking the time to understand the people and the environment and the meaning behind it all.

Anyway, I fell in love with the characters (oh, Tim Riggins), realized how important integrity is and re-examined some of my own prejudices and misunderstandings. Pretty powerful stuff.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Randolph Bourne in 1917:

"...a rational nation would have chosen education as its national enterprise. Into this it would have thrown its energy though the heavens fell and the earth rocked around it. But nations...they act within their most irrational rights when they accept war as the most important thing the nation can do in the face of metaphysical menaces of imperial prestige."

Awwww Factor II.

...his asian niece.

Mason Jar: My Preferred Method of Cup.

So. It's hard to consistently post when I feel etiquette-questionable and skeevy blogging about work, something I spend a majority of time doing or thinking about.
Or, really:
When life's currently pretty perfect, you don't blog.

So. What's up?

Well, I really want Kevin Gillespie to win Top Chef. He's adorable.
It's a new dream to someday own a small, hunter green car.
GRE class.
For some reason I can't stop obsessively searching radio stations for Fireflies by Owl City.
Late night fast food runs with Casey Callahan.
I love Eileen West nightgowns.
Martin Short's Franck in Father of the Bride is one of the best characters of all time. And it's one of the best movies of all time. I would like Steve Martin to be considered a good friend. Well, Steve Martin and Alisha Keys.
I have no idea what to be for Halloween.
Tuesday breakfasts with Beth.
Wine night with Colbs.
Skyping with Parisian Jenna.
I had a great OU/TX weekend in Dallas - minus the losing part: FRIENDS, free and impromptu Erykah Badu/Polyphonic Spree concert, hospitality and homemade food, our lawn chair setup at Riverside Park and the unbeatable gameday atmosphere, Amanda Morrow looking tear-inducing beautiful in every wedding dress she tried on, driving with Paige...
Whitney Houston's voice in I Will Always Love You is incredible.
I just generally love museums, but I'd die to see this SENDAK IN SOHO exhibit here.
Pumpkin picking out + pumpkin carving + pumpkin pie + perfect October weather.

I love ambiguity. Especially in song lyrics. But also in life: future plans, blog posts, relationships, work, values, communication, religion, etc.
There's freedom for me in mystery and openendedness and multiple meanings.
However, I'm trying for less ambiguity. More clarity. Because maybe there's freedom in commitment as well.

Why I Miss Living With Bonnie Hartwig:

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Peaches in the Summertime, Apples in the Fall.

(Beautiful photos stolen from my sister's boyfriend's facebook album. Um, is that weird?)

Zooey Deschanel-ing It.

swine flu + OU loss + evil scalper
...and still a purely perfect ACL weekend thanks to a Zooey state of mind, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, dead body, fish tacos, Hampton Inn, Beauty Bar and the best people.

Kinda just an awesome way of life in general.

Awwww Factor.

To The Girl Who Lives On Cherry Street...

Happy Birthday to Kelly Sheline!

Seems like only yesterday we moved into an apartment as pretty much perfect strangers: you, the clean freak and amazing cook. me, more than a little quirky and the owner of an addictive set of Sex and the City DVDs.
Aren't we glad we took that gamble? Well, I know I am.
As I've said before, I hated college until we became friends. And it only went up from there.

So here's to the birthday girl:

Literally a Straight-A, Super Smart, Wise, Giving, Cultured, Conquer-the-World, Stunner.

The best emails.
And mixed CDs.

Not a "ranch dressing" person.

Deciding where she should go to grad school at The Library over beers and a pro/con list.
Braving The Deli together.
A Christmas party at some Norman apartment complex (...please note the awkward picture above).

An actual reader and supporter of this blog!

And (fingers crossed) looking forward to Morocco/Turkey/World this summer...

Playlist for this post:

Ray Lamontagne, Be Here Now
The Weepies, You Can't Go Back Now
Guster, Jesus on the Radio

P.S. Love you and miss you to the moon and back.