Thursday, January 27, 2011

a post.

Isabel Marant, genius.
Why can't I ever find cute snowboots like these!? (Garance Dore).
Artist John William Godward, I remember my high school sophomore jaw dropping at how realistic his marble looked.

I think entire poems could be written on the specific color of Oklahoma grass in snow-less wintertime.

When you date a PhD student you get to tag along to a lot of interesting (and not so interesting...) lectures, events and Shabbat dinners.
The other night Walker took me to see Barry Rubin speak on the Middle East peace process - his realistic, depressing take on it was actually very thought-provoking.

Guilty pleasure: Award Show Season.
And, of course, the Best/Worst Fashion Police Shows that follow.

Last night Colby's decorators came in with a flurry of furniture, wall decorations and other various knick knacks and now it feels like a whole new, grownup house - I camped out on the repositioned couch with a glass of wine and basked in it.
Now I'm in the mood to go treasure hunting for my own room. I want a giant golden pig statue for an empty corner and a hat stand and a light blue throw pillow and a framed Mark Rothko poster.

Easy A.
It was funny. In the way all Amanda Bynes movies are just slightly off center enough from taking life too seriously. I really like Emma Stone, I hope she sticks around.

Social Network.
I'll give it to him - Jesse Eisenberg can act. I actually found this storyline and the characters enthralling. Again, I'm really drawn to characters that have absolutely no empathy skills.

The King's Speech.
GO SEE IT. Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter are always divine in my book.

Also, those lovable trip movies I would probably never see in real life, but watched thanks to many bus and plane rides: Salt, Nanny McPhee Returns, The Town, The Good, the Bad and the Weird, Trapped, Man On Fire, Tsunami, Dreamer, Hachiko, P.S. I Love You, Pay It Forward, What Happens In Vegas, Fireproof, Life As We Know It
* Nanny McPhee Returns may have made me cry. P.S. I Love You may have made me cry an embarrassing amount for no reason.
* We saw three Dakota Fanning movies in a row! It was weird. Like, God's trying to send you a coded message weird.

Places on my travel list: Morocco, Turkey, Guatemala, Nicaragua, I also feel like old fashioned great American cities like Chicago, San Francisco, Omaha, New York City...

My appetite for chips paired with any combination of queso, guacamole and salsa is truly bottomless.

Per my Dad's insistent recommendation I am reading Justin Cronin's The Passage right now and loving it.

Let's Get Lost, Beck & Bat For Lashes.