Monday, January 31, 2011


It's high time that I address something very important in my life on this blog: juice.

No lie, I probably go through two gallons of Simply juice a week. It started with grapefruit juice, but I've recently moved on to high pulp orange juice.

(On Sunday we got breakfast at Jimmy's Egg and Walker held up their orange juice as a good example of pulp-to-juice ratio. I scoffed - for me, the perfect glass of juice would be about half pulp, half juice).

This is in addition to the many smoothies I make - which will probably become a full blown addiction once I can afford a blender that doesn't become janked so easily.

So naturally, Peru was juice heaven for me. Cheap, fresh squeezed, divine tasting juice everywhere! Street corners, little shops, every restaurant...I had juice with every meal!
The pictures above are in Arequipa where Walker and I hit the juice gallon gold mine one night.

(Now, imagine me pronouncing jugo de naranja with a hard j and laugh).

When we got back home Walker tried to re-create juice-topia Peru by surprising me with a lathe (turned out it was good for apples and potatoes only - hello apple pie) and a juicer/squeezer thing. We practically went through an entire bag of oranges just for one glass - there's got to be a better fresh squeezed secret! Too much hard work.

Anyway, me gusta much jugo!