Thursday, December 9, 2010

the home bar.

Maybe it's because I never saw so much as a drop of liquor in my own home growing up, but my grandparent's bar area transfixed me as a kid: a pool hall appropriate stained glass lamp hanging above, mirrored back, mini fridge stocked with fizzy water and Coke, jars of olives and onions, cocktail swords, rows of beautiful multi-colored bottles...
All so forbidden and mysterious.

So it's no wonder I dream of having a subtle bar area in my own home some, more grown-up day. (Even if a wine cellar would be more appropriate to my own tastes).

A vintage tray table tucked into a corner, an eclectic mix of well-designed bottles on display - as opposed to thrown at the top of kitchen cabinets, frat boy style.

(I also love perfume bottles and makeup vanity displays, but that's another post).

Blame Mad Men, James Bond sets or the holiday season, but this look has definitely caught my eye.