Thursday, December 23, 2010

extravaganza '10.

Remembering Extravaganza '09...

Well, my team's gingerbread house won again!
We went with a Christmas gala/fashion show at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art theme - the dangling licorice from above represents a Dale Chihuly sculpture, duh.

The other team (losers) went with a well-constructed bakery.

The contest was weirdly competitive this year, our game of Dirty Santa was super dirty and between jobs and crammed schedules our numbers were down and preparation was rushed, but I still came away with the same feeling of well broken-in love.
I just love us.

* Also, prepare yourselves for better pictures (sans random date on side I can't figure out how to get rid of) from now on, because my overwhelmingly-wonderful-at-gift-giving boyfriend got me a camera for Christmas! Eeeps!