Sunday, December 26, 2010

miss idaho.

I'm leaving for Peru tomorrow morning! Early, early - which always send the good kind of butterflies into the pit of my stomach.

My family time was too short, but super cozy with a delicious Christmas Eve meal, Meg's homemade mint chocolate ice cream I ended up inhaling and a late-night Christmas taco craving. (all food related...)
Also, working Christmas Eve will make you super, super thankful for family. I literally could not drive home fast enough.

The reality of living out of a backpack for three weeks is starting to freak me out - so, my goals for the trip in order to increase my accountability:

pack light.
take pictures.
balance. (especially when it comes to my infamous careening emotions).
easy-going, go-with-the-flow.
a bloody mary on the flight. walker is dubious this is even possible, but I swear it is and I always thought it sounded so glamorous...
machu pichu!
inca trail!
embrace crazy hair, the absence of a mascara wand and getting really sick of the skint amount of clothes i pack.
daily pepto bismal intake.
come home with a tan.
keep in mind that this is exactly what i've always wanted to do and exactly the person i want to be doing it with and how extremely blessed i am to get to do it.