Sunday, December 19, 2010

now, just pretend everyone here is an alien...

After watching the season finale of Dexter the other night (for some reason I really want Julia Stiles' career to succeed and it was a really good season, though not the best), my boyfriend made a comparison of Dexter to the classic movie Coneheads - how it's fascinating to watch people try and function in a world they don't understand, emulating the people around them to react/act in the ways they think they're supposed to.

It might be a good way to view reality.

From this perspective, it makes the rules of a society quite laughable - and maybe a little bit more bearable...

And since we're all just trying to adapt as best we can, taking cues from those around us - maybe this makes others around us just a little easier to understand.

So when the world's got you down and you're feeling mass produced, paperwork crazy and creatively stifled - play Walker's game: sit in a restaurant and pretend all the people in it are aliens pretending to be humans. Hilarious. Especially when it comes to utilizing utensils.