Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This past week was absolutely, perfectly April.
Getting to see two victorious Thunder playoff games with an electric crowd, complete with annoying Lakers fans and really good (and now superstitious) hotdogs.
An amazing NFL draft for the Sooners.
Discovering a neighborhood bar complete with dog.
Kori and I going overboard making an epic brunch for our boyfriends (with a little help from them).
Several trips - including a lunch break - to the Oklahoma City Arts Festival for gyros, fried peaches, an indian taco (oh, and art?).
Recharging with a night alone making Nutella banana nut bread while watching one of the very few movies I can watch repeatedly - Nanny Diaries.
Riding bikes past the swoonworthy homes and gardens in Crown Heights and to Coits for rootbeer floats.
Cheering on Memorial Marathon runners.
And capping it all off with the Norman Music Festival, where it was decided that next year one really needs to wear fairy wings while on a golf cart supplied with corndogs and mixed drinks.

p.s. I got caught up on Glee and decided forget Gaga, Madonna did it so much better.

Who You Gonna Run To, Solid Gold
Stillness is the Move, Dirty Projectors
Cape Canaveral, Conor Oberst
Boy Lilikoi, Jonsi
Frozen, Madonna