Tuesday, April 13, 2010

sometimes it boggles my mind that statesmen are currently working on ensuring nuclear nonproliferation while I debate grabbing late night ice cream.

Walker and I celebrated our six month anniversaire on Sunday, beginning with breakfast at the same place we spent a sleepy, happy and somewhat confused morning post-ourfirstkiss. Then Walker humiliated me by showing up to run the Redbud 5K dressed as - according to him - "The Patriot." I then humiliated him where the actual running was concerned. And then we drove to Fort Smith, Arkansas for the best food ever at Rolando's. It was a roadtrip complete with red licorice, 5 hour energy and a gas station in smalltown Oklahoma surprisingly and shockingly stocked with commemorative Obama t-shirts. Plus, the second we sat down at the table we were both totally convinced the 3 hour drive there was 100% worth it. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Pretty perfect day. I'm a happy girl.

Spring's Wisteria, the best thing about running in the Spring. Via one of my absolute favorites, Sea of Shoes.

Michelle Obama in Converse. Too cute.
By the way, you know I'm loving how Obama is just killing it recently.

Final image via Garance Dore. Just another favorite blogger.

I've consumed two late night bowls of cereal (in lieu of ice cream) and listened to Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot album all day long. It really feels like restless and perfect Spring, complete with an inexplicable and cliche urge to clean my closet, as well as...
I really want to read those thick novels that are always in the back of my head under must do before death: War and Peace, Lonesome Dove and Gone with the Wind.
And really know my cheese - inspired by my cheese guide book and the fact that Forward Foods opened up a location in OKC.

I really want the Thunder to make it far in the playoffs. I love the team. But mostly I love being on foot in downtown OKC and passing flags and banners and window paintings while running errands for work. There's just such a good feeling in the air, such spirit. Almost like Christmas.

Los Campesinos, You! Me! Dancing!
The National, Brainy
Yeasayer, Madder Red
Bruce Springsteen, I'm On Fire
The Henry Clay People, You Can Be Timeless
Common, Make My Day.