Thursday, February 18, 2010

mctwist 1260.

(Hi Steve!)

Geez, I just love watching the Winter Olympics!

Whether snuggled into my bed watching pairs skating, laughing over the ridiculous outfits worn by male figure skaters over a glass of wine (or two), celebrating in my car when NPR announced Lindsey Vonn won gold or gulping in amazement at Shaun White's air and absolute embrace of life - there's just not a better way to wrap up your day.

I tried watching some Today Show commentary on the jobs bill and all the Republican partisan pandering that seems to accompany everything these days, and it all just seemed so laughable in comparison. Just stick to what's really important in life Matt and Mer.

My family took a random trip to Vancouver my sophomore year of college. I think my mom had a conference there or something, but still random - pulling Meg and Casey out of school, I skipped classes to go...

And usually family trips that involve all five members are pretty hardcore and somewhat miserable: involving endless hours in the car, sleeping on floors, my Dad always ends up locking the keys in the car and blaming it on someone else, waking up at the crack of dawn to do whatever activity is planned for the day, fighting over where to eat, etc.

But somehow this trip was perfection. There were no flight delays, we stayed in a dreamy hotel, ate amazing, fresh seafood, awe-inspiring architecture, a ferry boat to Victoria, Whistler for a day, rolling fog, shoreline, unbelievably scenic...

Don't get me wrong, I love the messy chaos of our intertwining lives, but for a few days we were this calm, peaceful nuclear unit on an enjoyable vacation with no surmounting obstacles in our path. So I always think Canada had this magical hold over us.

I can't wait for women's figure skating - pretty much the paradigm of being a girl. I still have a weird collection of books on Michelle Kwan and to this day can tell you her favorite color, snack food and that she always wears a gold dragon necklace while performing for good luck.

p.s. My favorite Olympic moment of all time: