Thursday, February 4, 2010

but all you really wanted, was everything, plus everything.

Stuff: dress and ring and shoes.

And speaking of style, I love the "about" section of WhoWhatWear:

We imagine that giving up gossip magazines and celebrity blogs is similar to trying to quit smoking (wouldn't know for sure, we've never tried the latter). While avoiding newsstands is easy, we continue to struggle. It seems that completely kicking the web sites is more difficult than originally anticipated. After morning upon morning of our own neurotic, internal struggles at the laptop, we realized that we were primarily logging on to see what everyone was wearing the night before. We thought to ourselves: Selves, there should be a more convenient and reverential way to find out this information, no? After discussing this with our closest friends - obviously - we realized that would be a perfect contribution to society. Because after all, "We don't care who you date or if you eat. We only care about what you are wearing."

That being said, if you're interested in with whom Sienna Miller is "canoodling," you're in the wrong place, and we respectfully suggest you go to However, if you are interested in Miss Miller's new handbag of choice or what color nail polish she's wearing this week, we respectfully suggest you come here. Every day. Twice. Also, if we don't have anything nice to say, generally speaking, we won't say anything at all. So if a particular name never comes up on this website, well, feel free to draw your own conclusions.

Other stuff:

I finished reading Philip Pullman's controversial His Dark Materials trilogy - cramming in as many pages as possible over the long snow-and-ice weekend.
The book ends sweetly and I do believe anyone would come away better having read it.
As for it being one of the most censored books in America - there is nothing wrong with being challenged or tested or curious or questioning or creative or imaginative or etc. - in fact, it's the entire point of the book.

Other long snow-and-ice weekend activities included Franzia, frozen hot chocolate, pizza eating contests, snow sculpting and enjoying my proximity to some of my favorite people.

Frustrated by winter's ability to thwart my attempts at running, I begrudgingly joined the YMCA. As of this morning's 6am yoga class and watching the Today Show while on an elliptical, I'm hooked. I forgot how awesome gyms are.

Tortilla Soup addict thanks to Colby.

I like it when Obama takes questions from the GOP. More please.

And yes, I did purchase a new Toyota Camry in November. Now fondly known as a death trap.

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