Wednesday, June 29, 2011

tis' the season.

I love a good CHICAGO DOG.
And this is coming from someone who avoids most fast food - I am obsessed, so so obsessed, with the new one at Sonic.
The crunch of the pickle, the kick of the pepper, the sweet relish, the zing of mustard, the celery salt, the poppy seed bun!
All for two bucks!
Seriously, it's starting to be a problem. But I keep consoling myself with the fact that it's almost the Fourth of July. And what could be more American?

Speaking of, I finished Freedom. Very messy as my boss Steffie described it, but I could not put it down. I'll be very disappointed in myself if I don't change a lot about my lifestyle and the way I think about America because of it.

I'm on to All the Pretty Horses. Cormac McCarthy has this way of writing that puts you right in the moment, a Texas desert with a thunderstorm rolling in, so lonely and so alive.

And this site is my new favorite in terms of tracking my reads and getting recommendations.