Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I came to the realization yesterday that it is hot. And that all I want to do is smell permanently of sunscreen, slurp popsicles (especially rocket pops), drink rootbeer, wear as little clothing as possible (ugh the agony of business casual in the summer months), and be near water.

And go to Guatemala, specifically Lake Atitlan.
And learn Spanish.
And run early in the morning when you can still get a few wisps of cool.
And I'm obsessed with the maxi skirts at American Apparel. And I haven't liked anything at American Apparel in a while.
And make signature cocktails. Maybe make the grownup purchase of a pitcher.
And cook more: Bon Appetit magazine has a great summer cooking manifesto.
And experiment more with the hotdogs at Mutts. (Who am I kidding, I'm loyal to a fault for a Chicago Dog with super green relish).
And not miss the NBA too much, I've loved all the playoff/finals drama. I even picked up the insane habit of trolling the internet for sports commentary - hello, Grantland.