Tuesday, June 14, 2011

deep dish or thin crust?

Last night we watched New Hampshire's Republican primary debate - Walker suggested it under the premise that it would be interesting, we really don't know anything about the candidates and their issues.

I like to think of myself as balanced and fair, open-minded and thoughtful - I embraced this challenge with enthusiasm, I'm going to learn so much! Yet last night I realized I am none of those things.
I had to gulp red wine, contort my body into the fetal position, punch Walker in the arm repeatedly, and run from the room every three minutes just to get through it. I am not proud of this.

Lesson learned: You are an unabashed Democrat to the bones when listening to a line of tea party Republicans talk feels like having your skin sandpapered off.

I hate that I'm saying this, but I may just have to tune completely out until election day in order to be a bearable human being and blogger.