Friday, June 24, 2011

my first boxing match.

Walker's trainers at Western Avenue Boxing Gym were fighting in a match in Oklahoma City and I begrudgingly agreed to go with.

This coincided perfectly with the fact that we'd just started watching The Fighter - so my idea of boxing was one of hardscrabble and Lowell and high drama and bloody hits I couldn't bring myself to watch.

The event itself was a lowrent version of what I'd imagined: hotel ballroom, "ring girls" in slutty tank tops, nice tables at the front, cocktails, silk robes, interesting audience mix...

But the actual boxing was way more interesting than I thought it would be - I was fascinated. It's so strategic and calculated and athletic. It is painful to watch, but not in the bloodyhidemyeyes way I thought it would be, because I couldn't tear my eyes away. I think I'm surprisingly hooked even if there wasn't a fairytale ending: Walker's female coach Becky couldn't box because her opponent turned up 20 pounds overweight, his male coach Travis lost fighting a guy who also came in way overweight.

I liked this description of Travis in the Oklahoma Gazette:
Now 40, Hoffman has the chiseled look of an aged fighter, a body that’s had the softness beaten out of it, and a face wearing scars and breaks like war medals. His career is catching a second wind at a time when most boxers are in their twilight years, but resilience is a family trait; his brother is Mat Hoffman, the death-defying pioneer of BMX freestyle.

Other things I've watched recently:
Talahina Nights at the DeadCenter Film Festival, in lawn chairs on the street.
...Loved it. Had some serious informative holes, but very interesting. Especially effective upon those who scratch their heads at the Kings of Leon's serious swing in style.
Midnight in Paris.
...I'm a big Woody Allen film fan and since this one is getting rave reviews, I thought it would go down in history as one of my favorite films of all time. But, eh. I mean, go see it, it's very cute. It just didn't knock my socks off like some of his other films have.
Super 8.
...a nostalgic summer film. Don't ask more from it than it offers.