Wednesday, June 22, 2011

i wish that i could have this moment for life.

This was so going to be a post about feeling blue, because I really miss my boyfriend.

But the other night, on my way home from work, I made a sharp turn into Guestroom and ended up with a $6 AC/DC greatest hits album.
Words can't begin to describe the enormous smile that spread across my face listening to Thunderstruck, Back in Black, It's a Long Way to the Top, and You Shook Me All Night Long. Some things are undeniable classics.

So, in classic Oprah gratitude journal style, thanks for:

summer evenings.
my mom and dad - especially being sandwiched between them on the couch.
edmond suburbia escapes - a run while the sun is setting and the smell of freshly cut grass is alive and well and old neighbors are waving and the front door is left open for me.
meg and casey.
norman and thai food and jersey shore.
croquet in edgemere park.
that guy at the red rooster who unabashedly told us about being raped in prison.
evening chats outside of a closed starbucks with froyo. the calm of listening and being listened to.
where i live: my roommate, washer & dryer, alarm system, fridge magnets, fresh basil, pots & pans, and a fan that whirs me to sleep.
being so in love that an eight hour time difference is killing me.
on the flip side, reveling in those small moments of independence: settling down to a big tossed salad for dinner and whatever I want to watch on television.
the new york times.
the black keys.
skype. oh thank you for skype!
jonathan franzen.
nicki minaj.

I got such great feedback on my last post (sugar snap peas with a drizzle of lemon, olive oil & parmesan, sopressata sandwiches, cold brussel sprouts, homemade cookies, blats (blt + avocado), hearty french salads that have no need for dressing), I thought I'd try again: Best advice for dealing with a long-distance relationship, go!

(Okay, I know I'm being a little silly. He'll be back by the end of July. Can't really imagine my feet in the shoes of someone whose loved one is in Afghanistan right now. Again, I am grateful.).