Sunday, February 20, 2011

pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Reading Murakami's What I Talk About When I Talk About Running
A recommendation from my second cousin and most trusted book recommend-er, it already seems like one of those heaven-sent books.
Because I do feel that when I go on runs, I'm on a long, meditative journey in my head. 
I see the running/writing connect. And if I could apply my running willpower and philosophy to writing, well...I'd feel a lot more accomplished.

Rolls from Ingrid's.
Twice baked potatoes from Crescent Market.
Brussel sprouts a la Meg. Brussel sprouts, so hot in my life right now.
Super thin steak.

Getting to go to Thunder vs. Clippers tonight. Eeee!

The perfect simplicity of cinnamon sugar english muffins in the morning.

God I love Science Friday. It really is one of the most miraculous, innovative, life-affirming things to me. Last Friday they had a researcher on who proposed that the propensity at which kids are playing video games these days is actually a really good thing.
She then went into a description of mankind's love of games. Using golf as an example, she said if getting the ball into the hole was really the main point, players would just walk over and drop the ball into the hole. But instead obstacles like long sticks and far distances are introduced - making the obstacles the more important aspect in actuality. Obstacles are more important.

Adele, Rolling In The Deep. White girl's got soul.