Monday, February 7, 2011

canyon de colca.

Another highlight of our time in Arequipa was a two-day trek we took in the Colca Canyon - maybe the deepest canyon in the world if you listen to locals and don't count gorges.

We were expecting a scenic, leisurely hike through the canyon.

Instead, we woke up at 2:45am to be dropped off a few hours later at the brink of the canyon where we headed straight down, only to head straight up at 5 the next morning. 
All without breakfast, I might add. Walker was in a humorous outrage at this fact as Americans never ever do anything before having breakfast first.

However, it was a total blast. 

- It got us prepped and ready for the Inca Trail.
- I got to kick Walker's ass on the straight uphill day two when he begged to take water breaks every five seconds. (Don't worry, he got his revenge days two and three of the Inca Trail).
- We got to pick avocados and pears along the way to lunch.
- The day one destination was this place at the bottom of the canyon called 'the oasis' with swimming pools, palm trees and our own little grass and mud hut. A hilarious sight to behold when you're dying on the trail and see it from a distance - like you're in the deserts of Arabia or something. You don't really get to enjoy it either, as it's dark by the time you get there and still dark by the time you leave.
- I got to see Walker sport his dad's Frogg Toggs.
- Our guide (Pepe, pictures above) was awesome, man. He made us paint our faces with berry juice and regaled us with stories of cactus-induced hallucinations.
- A lot of dogs out on the trail. A lot of dog humping. And our favorite pup, MAGNUS WILD.
- Neat little villages buried in the canyon and the question of whether places like them can last in this world.
- Glorious terracing.
- Beautiful.
- There is nothing better than lying in bed at the end of the day completely physically exhausted after an accomplishment. Complete contentment.