Monday, February 7, 2011

cabin fever.

Yellow rose headboard.
Pumps you could never match with anything.

The snow days got to me. I may have gone the very definition of stir crazy. 
I looked at a lot of blogs. A lot. Hence the inspiration pictures piled up on my desktop.
And I noticed that a lot of blogging involves coveting things you can't afford and a lifestyle you don't have. (Also a weird obsession with stationary and print making). I literally got to the point where all the pathetic hankering made me nauseous. 

Not that there's anything wrong with dreaming, but...
Don't just blog it. Be it.

p.s. As far as real life inspiration goes, the next time you're at The Wedge on Western, look for Chelsea (server) or Kassidy (hostess), these girls have such great personal style and knock my socks off every time I come into work. Refreshing.