Thursday, August 26, 2010

second cousins.

I seriously have the most inspiring family: parents, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents...

But my second cousins - Sandra and Daniella (not to discount Sean though too!) take the cake.

Growing up at the same ages, but so far away from each other (Bay Area, California: Edmond, Oklahoma) it's serendipitously crazy how much we have in common despite seeing each other so infrequently.
And I'm always hoping our adult lives bring us geographically closer.

But they will always be the distant, romantic cousins to me: stunningly beautiful, Brazilian, singing, bike the Golden Gate Bridge, multilingual, vegetarian, owners of the cool skis, volleyball pros, going to Columbia and UCLA, living in Spain, who love art and music and books.

It's always Meg or I calling each other up with, Did you see Sandra's newest album on facebook?!! That paella!? Swoon.

But they also happen to be the most encouraging, warm people in my life: facebook messages and mail from Sandra, trading trusted book recommendations (Elegance of the Hedgehog, Moveable Feast!), a magical evening spent in their current neighborhood of Venice Beach at GJelina...

I'm just so glad these people are in my life.

And I always talk about what inspires me most on this blog, so I felt like it was high time to celebrate my beloved second cousins by posting some of Sandra's amazing pictures I constantly facebook creep on - trust me, I could have posted forever.