Friday, August 20, 2010


In moments where I feel weak, indecisive, vain, sorry for myself and far too concerned with status quo I try to channel my inner Karen O and/or Florence Welch: passionate, talented beyond belief, star power, crazy, performance, POWERFUL, front women, edgy, confident, vocal, kickass, creative, limitless, could care less, heart on the line, putting it all out there, brave, uninhibited...
Kind of like those totally weird creative writing girls from high school that I always secretly envied, just to let go of the world around you and live vibrantly in exactly the weird way you please.

Watching the Yeah Yeah Yeahs perform at Austin City Limits, this guy behind me turns to his friend and says, let's leave, I only like watching girl performers I'd want to sleep with.
And instead of boiling with rage, I really only felt incredibly sorry for the guy. Not only was he missing out on an amazing show, but he was missing the entire point of Karen O, and probably the entire point of life.

Kiss with a Fist, Florence + The Machines
Zero, Yeah Yeah Yeahs