Friday, February 27, 2009

The Mediterranean.

Italy in a nutshell.
One of my favorite photos - taken by one of my lovely traveling buddies, Jenny Cartmell, in Arezzo.

If I had to pick an area to concentrate on (say, in grad school), it would be the Mediterranean. 
And not just because I love love love love love the lifestyle and am craving summer's heat and miss Italy...Man, I am dying to travel.
But the seemingly impossible problem of the Neopolitan mafia fascinates me. How a developed, EU country like Italy can have a rampant problem like this. How mundane things like waste management are huge in reality, especially when privately controlled - by the mafia. The source of my wonderment: I just finished reading Gomorrah - and am now deciding if I have the guts to sit through the film. 
Then there is the civil unrest in Greece.
The unique potential of Algeria.
The question of Turkey's admission to the EU.
And the kid in my class who just got married in Morocco. Uh, cool!