Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hey, Rich Girls.

My Uncle Richard loves to debate politics with me through email. 
And it's usually pretty enjoyable, because we both consider ourselves open-minded, though he leans to the right and I'm definitely on the left. 
But lately I've gotten unbearable emails concerning the economic stimulus package - see the cartoon above.

My response:

Riiiight. In times of economic crisis and severe job loss, it's best to deny food stamps and health care so people have no way of getting back on their feet.

So what's the Conservative solution?
I mean, besides government not getting involved in any way, shape or form. (Hello toxic assets).
And definitely no spending.
Well, unless it's a HORRIBLY ILL-CONCEIVED war. Right? Then you're willing to fork out billions and billions.

I'm just saying...a Conservative administration was in control for the past eight years.
Now it's our turn. Give it a chance.


P.S. The more economic classes I take, the more I understand where you're coming from.

And on the subject of economic crisis...
I can't stop listening to Rich Girls by The Virgins.