Saturday, February 14, 2009


June Parry. Grandmother is my ultimate inspirational figure.

Has literally traveled everywhere - India, Turkey, China, Russia, Nepal (climbed to a base camp of Mt. Everest no less), Western Europe, Egypt, rafting the Colorado River, Peru...
Owns a pair of Salvador Ferragamo heels in every color and is, even in her 70s, the best dressed, most stylish and elegant person in the room.
Quality Over Quantity. Her taste is impeccable.
Eats blueberries every day.
Cultured beyond belief, taking us to every museum opening, ballet and orchestral event that comes to Oklahoma.
Life-long learner. Currently taking classes on the weather and classical literature.
Loves books on history.
A professional at all of the following: piano, nursing, tennis, rock climbing, skiing and bridge.
A prolific listener of classical music, she also love, love, loves Patsy Cline.
Sends me letters.
The most generous of spirits.

Watching my Grandpa's old movies of when my mom was about 4 or 5 and they still lived in upstate New York, I got to glimpse a black and white moment that encapsulates her character:

They lived in snow-covered upstate New York at the time and the kids are sledding in the backyard. Then my Grandmother, in this gorgeous outfit with old Hollywood hair and makeup, gets down in the snow on her hands and knees to sled with her husband and three children.