Monday, October 25, 2010

time warp.

So after one of my coworkers raved about a Lyric Theater production of Rocky Horror Show, Walker and I decided to catch a midnight performance.'s kind of a tradition that Walker and I see creepy, Halloween-esque things there (on our first official date we saw a performance of Sweeney Todd).
And if you haven't been to their new theater in the Plaza District, go! It's a seriously awesome venue.

Neither of us had ever even seen the movie before, so we didn't really know what we were getting ourselves into.

In a nutshell, it was really, really, really, really fun and scandalous and almost impossible to describe. But I'll try.

Costumes were encouraged, so we went with face paint and black caterer vests. And we thought we were awesome.
But garters, platform heels, lab coats, cleavage, huge hair and feather boas were more the norm. Unless you're going as preppy Brad and Janet.

Basically the audience is the key to the campy experience. There are so many dirty jokes, talk-back lines, props, hand gestures and nuanced comebacks that it's hard to keep up. And of course, everyone has to get up and dance to the Time Warp.
The best part was sitting by this 11-year-old boy who was yelling the most way too adult for his age, funny, spot-on comebacks with absolute confidence. He was with his mother and we guessed that she'd probably taken him to a million Rocky Horror productions. Now that's a childhood worth writing a novel about.
We also got a really yummy drink called "The Rocky" which definitely added to the experience.

I would put seeing Rocky Horror live on a To Do Before I Die list. Unbeatable.

And just in general, never be afraid of counterculture. You'll totally miss out.

p.s. Glee's Halloween episode theme is Rocky Horror. We couldn't have timed this more perfectly.