Friday, July 2, 2010

pie in the sky.

It's 4th of July tradition that my sisters and I each compete in a pie making contest with our parents (who are way too partial to offer any real criticism) as judges, rating the pies according to crust, filling and overall presentation.
I always choke on the overwhelming what-to-make decision, because the possibilities are endless:

mint chocolate pie.

rhubarb pie.

traditional, can't-go-wrong with apple pie.

lemon meringue pie.

chocolate cream pie.

peach. my favorite and a past winner. but you really aren't supposed to repeat.

top with chocolate cinnamon whipped cream.

key lime pie.

my blackberry cobbler. a recipe i've been trying to perfect lately.

sweet potato pie.

lemon buttermilk pie. i think i attempted this before and failed.

(Call it cheating if you must, but I always get the pre-made pie crust instead of making it from scratch as it is always far superior to anything I attempt. Seriously, really good pie crust in an art form unto itself).

Hopefully my 4th will also include a national anthem, a rootbeer float, sparklers, fried okra and a Bruce Springsteen background.