Tuesday, July 20, 2010

dog days.

There are only two things I love in this world, everybody and television.
(Kenneth, 30 Rock).

...in tribute to me begrudgingly giving up on my dear, bespectacled Frank on The Bachelorette, the upcoming Mad Men premiere, and its possible interference with True Blood.

Mark your calendars for July 27th: Oklahoma primary! Jari or Drew - I still can't decide, they're both just so nice, decidedly bland and uncontroversial.

Speaking of bland and uncontroversial, Elena Kagan is set to be our new Supreme Court Justice and I can't even summon an ounce of enthusiasm. Thanks a lot super crazy conservatives and pundits for sucking the soul out of my interest in politics.

Kettle Chips salt and black pepper crinkle cut potato chips.
F is for Fake. I want to go to Ibiza so badly now.
Natasha Rostov in War & Peace. Halfway there!
Dog Days Are Over, Florence + The Machines
Here I Come, Fergie
For Nancy, Cos' It Already Is, Pete Yorn
Motorpsycho Nightmare, Bob Dylan (best accidentally heard over nighttime NPR programming while making the long way home with your boyfriend who is attempting to get into Cuba).