Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ode to bon bon.

The first picture is unexplainable and the second picture says to me, What, I'm just bein' Bonnie.

It's Bonnie Hartwig (roommate) 's birthday today!

Bonnie is super funny. The kind of funny that I find funny and influences me to be funnier. Like, motorized beds that would jet us down to the Theta kitchen funny, like there is no one I would rather see Eclipse at midnight (even if she is Team Jacob) with funny.

She is also so put together and with it.
The most thoughtful, unselfish person I know.
Solid. Such a good friend, which is probably why she's been bridesmaid extraordinaire this summer.
Cute as a button.
A dedicated lover of So You Think You Can Dance and a never-misses-a-game, earned-enough-points-for-a-jersey, makes-the-best-championship-in-Miami-mixes Sooner sports fan.

She also describes things in terms of me, like: That is so Kate. Or Kate, your room is so Kate.
And it feels like the highest compliment.

I miss the Treehouse.