Sunday, January 10, 2010

Travel Writing.

Oh my God, the place we were at today was UNBELIEVABLE. Look up Cabo Polonio to see if you can find anything. Our bus dropped us off basically by the side of the road at a place that looked like a salvage yard. We found a little stand and bought entry to the national park and got driven to the beach in safari cars.

At the beach was the teeniest, most quaint little beach town I´ve ever seen. It looks like a Hollywood set. I don´t think there´s any electricity, and the town´s just basically a collection of little shacks and lean-tos, although there is a pretty big lighthouse. We got to get really close to sea lions and Miley and I summited a really big sand dune. It´s hard to put into words how awesome it was, so I´ll just do so by comparison...

Our bus was thirty minutes late picking us up from the side of the road. When we got on, all the seats were taken except two in the back. When I walked to those seats, a guy informed me someone had puked in them. So, while Miley and Salvie stood in the aisle of the bus, I sat between the bus restroom and the vomit seats. Now, how awesome was Cabo Polonio? It was as awesome as that sucked.

(Walker Robins).