Friday, January 15, 2010

{courtesy of hilton hotels} travel should take you places. travel is more than just a to b. travel should inspire big ideas.

aloha. photos from hawaii.
not photo'd: me presenting my paper. whew, it's over with! learned so much. and hopefully now i can only improve.

i'm pretty much a huge fan of any place where 80 degree weather is the norm, really good fruit is readily available and flowers burst from every crack and crevice.

but big thanks to patty and anthony (meg's andrew's family) (hi patty if you're reading this!) for showing us how the locals do it:
insider tour of every kid's dreamland and barack's alma mater: punahou school.
the best vietnamese food.
hawaiian shaved ice.
auntie susu and paige. signing the door.
paths leading to kailua beach.
japanese pear.
home tour.
breathtaking views.

the architecture.
pineapple pizza.
pillows you melt into.
lost set.
morning waikiki walks.
pina colada.
finished reading: Wait Until Next Year, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and In the Woods. scary good.
that pervasive honeysuckle smell.

imagine my mom and i boarding a seven hour flight straight from an afternoon at the beach: hair tangled, semi-wet bathing suits we're still wearing underneath our clothes, sand spilling out of our shoes and sunscreen smelling skin. yeah.