Monday, December 28, 2009


oh. my. gosh. is this not the coolest thing you've ever seen!?
i'd love to say i had a hand in this feat of engineering genius, but all the credit goes to Meg, Andrew and Casey (the dynamic team featured in the top photo).
Walker and i left them with a base yesterday only to return that night to a fully realized igloo with smoke issuing from the opening in the top - inside they were roasting marshmallows and hens leftover from a failed Christmas dinner experiment.
my dad claims he saw it featured on news channel 4 (the big time). see it for yourself in front of our house, it will probably be around for awhile judging from the weather report.'s an especially unforgettable igloo. wink wink.

i also tried a pomelo today. if you know how much i love grapefruit and citrus in general, you'll know i was in seventh heaven - pomelos are like a grapefruit, except for bigger and better.