Monday, December 14, 2009

Best of 2009.

Images via Flaming Lips last New Years and Tumblr.

Best Thing to Do After Graduating: move to washington, dc and work at a think tank.

Best List Other Than This One: new york times magazine's year in ideas.

Best Time to Graduate: a recession.

Best Thing to Come Out of the Recession: no more circuit city, a totally unnecessary big box store.

Best Thing About Graduating: making (a little) money. not being overwhelmed by the mountain of homework that used to await me every sunday night. regular eating schedule.

Best Musician/Band to See Live: bruce springsteen and the e street band!

Best Super Secret Special Club to be Initiated Into: the yaya sisterhood.

Best Decision to Make When Suddenly Faced With How Much Reality Costs: buy a new car.

Best Way to Get a Guy to Fall for You: sing karaoke. terribly. really, really terribly.

Best Thing to Do Immediately After Work On a Summer Friday: jazz in dc's sculpture garden + sangria + emily solon + freak rainstorm.

Best of Television: jeanine's final solo on so you think you can dance. liz lemon. glee.

Best Discovery That Makes Life Better: the "request copy" feature of public libraries. that 99.9% of the way people interact with you has absolutely nothing to do with you and everything to do with themselves - and vice versa. netflix.

Best Place to Narrowly Escape Murder: graceland too.

Best Trend: cupcakes. pomegranate. plaid.

Best Twitterer: john mayer.

Best Place to Live: treehouse.

Best Movie: eh.

Best Drinks: grapefruit juice. riesling. diet dr. pepper. water.

Best Eats: lobster roll in cape cod. truffle salt on cherry tomatoes. tapas. philadelphia rolls. talapia tacos at big truck. the salsa at trader joe's.

Best Thing I Wish Was In Oklahoma: a trader joe's.

Best Thing I Baked: lemon sour cream cake.

Best Interesting International News: iranian protests over the summer.

Best Purchases: black jeans and faux leather jacket from forever 21 - so cheap. blush in taos and deep throat by nars - not so cheap.

Best Worst Purchase: all ipod adapters fail miserably. gre class.

Best Place to Run: past the lincoln memorial.

Best Place to Dance: rooftop. beauty bar.

Best Saying: i beasted it. (as in dominated).

Best Celeb Sighting: sonya sotomayor, complete with leg cast.

Best Music: the yeah yeah yeahs, it's blitz! the avett brothers, i and love and you. noah and the whale, the first days of spring. kid cudi, man on the moon. phoenix, wolfgang amadeus phoenix. and as far as singles played nonstop on the radio go - jason derulo, whatcha say.

Best Worst Person: that scalper at acl. the person(s) that stole my purse. teabaggers + any moron who thinks sarah palin is qualified to be a presidential candidate in 2012.

Best Worst Decision: giving in to the hoopla and reading the transcripts of tiger's texts. uggggh.

Best Person: paul krugman.

Best Thing Heard On the Radio: this american life - episode 286, mind games.

Best Job To Have: planning a city.

What's I'm Looking Forward To In 2010:
meg brings andrew home for christmas! (technically still 2009).
moving in with colby to her new house in oklahoma city.
a birthday present brought back from argentina.
presenting my thesis at a conference in hawaii.
australia and new zealand in march. oh gosh, the sartorialist is there now taking his beautiful photographs that make me restless with anticipation.
beach trip with my best friends.
mystery trip with kelly and paige.
seeing how it all pans out.