Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Apex of Patriotism: 4th of July in DC

Generally one of my favorite holidays due to sparklers and pie making contests...
4th of July weekend here was awesome.

Roman candles on a corner of U-Street.
Going to the MJ tribute party dressed in little boy pajamas.
Waiting on a curb with a mob of tourists outside the White House to watch Obama wave from the tinted glass of an intimidating SUV motorcade.
Sprawling out to watch the fireworks over the capital.
Roof top parties are the best parties.
And a good dance mix makes a party.

I saw Up in 3D and Away We Go, both really really good movies. Pixar and John Krasinski never cease to amaze me. Niether do Venus, Serena and Federer.

I love it when Wilco CD releases converge with summertime. Perfection.

Major, huge week ahead: Bill Clinton, John Oliver, Van Jones, Nancy Pelosi and Kathleen Sebelius are all speaking at our conference on Wednesday!
I am especially excited for Sebelius, my homegirl from a conservative state. 

...speaking of conservative states: It is literally killing me that Sally Kerns is allowed to be rep'n Oklahoma. I mean, Ellen couldn't even help her.
Top that off with Inhofe refusing to meet with Sotomayer.
Seriously. Why is my favorite state deliberately moving backward?

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