Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Taco Tuesday.

Today, "Taco Tuesday" as it was called in Michelle Worden's house growing up (and now I always call it that in my head, alliteration is effective), I loved:

Spoon: Fitted Shirt.

Josh Rouse: It Looks Like Love. She's Spanish, I'm American EP.

Rachael Yamagata: Be Be Your Love. Worn Me Down.

Blood oranges.

Melted chocolate.

Going to "Graduation Gear-up!" with Whitney and not being unable to get through the experience without laughing through its entirety.
So, we've gotten a zillion emails about this event and there are signs everywhere, "Your only chance to order your cap and gown!" 
The date seemed so far off, and then suddenly here. So I'm picturing entering the Union and everyone wearing crimson and cream and waving at me, greeting me with a bouquet of flowers and balloons... 
And after confessing this image to Whitney, the real thing naturally became just downright hilarious with endless booklets on life after college and how to do your taxes and buy car insurance and what color sash do you get and what college am I in again - graduation is absurd. 
...It ended with us grabbing fistfuls of complimentary lemonade and cookies and waving goodbye to everyone in the ballroom.