Sunday, March 8, 2009

The State Tree.

Here is one of my favorite things about Oklahoma: 49 weeks out of the year, we have zillions of unnoticeable twigs posing as trees on every street corner and building landscaping.

Which means that for about three highly anticipated weeks in early Spring we have Redbud trees in a full bloom fuchsia background.

I'm sure the effect would only be half as beautiful if the blooms didn't have such a tragically short life span. 

These last couple of days have been March perfection. And it can only get better.
With bedroom windows open, bike rides, porch and patio happy hours, runs, viewing sunrises, being surrounded by good friends, naps under trees, music in small, soulful venues, OU Men and Women dominating March Madness...

Which put me in the mood for Anthropologie's unaffordable, but dreamable Mary-Jane/T-Strap heels. Especially these.