Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stem Cell Research Barriers Are Lifted! Thus, I'm Dancing In The Streets!

First mo' money for Planned Parenthood.
And now this.

My dear, little liberal heart is so happy.

Place I wanna, wanna travel to so bad: Marrakesh

Big Man On Campus: Bono allegedly gracing Norman with his presence.

Working at KGOU gives me the unique opportunity to listen to NPR 24/7 - the audio is literally booming out of the bathroom walls. (I love it).
So today on Talk of the Nation there was a segment discussing gay characters on television which made me realize how much, with my limited perspective, I associate homosexuality with what I've seen on TV:
1. Rachel Maddow is awesome. Even though content wise, MSNBC is not serving its journalistic purpose with objective integrity. 
2. Will and Grace changed television and society. Not even kidding.
3. Is Ellen's subtlety on her show about being gay a good or bad thing? I say good. Because, as one former homophobic caller put it, "Her show made me realize that I'm not that different from a gay person. Ellen dances to music and I dance to music. Ellen talks to people and I talk to people."

More public radio: a This American Life about Plan B.
Do I know anyone who stuck with Plan A?
If I had, I'd be pursuing life as an...actress!? It was my 9th grade dream. Change is a good thing. Often a courageous thing.

Splendid Isolation: Pete Yorn.
Broken Bones: Aqualung.
Spiraling: Keane.