Sunday, September 25, 2011

poodles & pastries (and other important matters).

This weekend Walker and I explored some of the promising exhibits at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.

The big drawl was Passages which, despite having the foundation of an awesome historical bible collection, turned out to be a really creepy experience. Think Hobby Lobby background with animatronic figures coming to life at every corner - a lot like Lester's Possum Park from The Goofy Movie.

There was Faded Elegance, an exhibit that featured photography from Havana, Cuba. Neat photographs, but nothing new.

But really,
The surprising favorite was Poodles & Pastries, the exhibit featuring the quirky high class meets low culture art of Franco Mondini-Ruiz.
I've included some quick snaps I illegally took with my iPhone, because I found everything just so darn delightful.
And it turns out Mondini-Ruiz is a lawyer.
Which was kind of a nice wake-up call for me: there's never an excuse to not have an imagination.