Monday, May 17, 2010

when in dallas: we gotta eat at mark salvie's taco place.

This weekend Walker and I headed to the Dallas area for Casey Jarma's wedding - which was absolutely gorgeous and so Casey, whom I luckily got to live with for a joy filled semester in the Theta house, Room 303 to be exact, sharing bunk beds and all.
Beautiful Casey with her Texas drawl, winks, laugh and huge heart was too cute for words in her lace wedding dress and cowboy boots.
I also ended up utterly confused about what exactly goes into a Seabreeze.

So on our way there, Walker and I decided to "explore Dallas."
The only real highlight of this attempt were the tacos (and corn cart) found at a large gas station just off a highway - Fuel City - that Walker remembered Mark Salvie loving more than life. And he's just the kind of guy you should trust recommendations from.

They were really, really good. The vivid pictures above should help you fully realize the experience. Especially Walker's my-mouth-is-full-of-spicy-corn-and-I hate-the-idea-of-taking-pictures-of-food-for-your-blog-stop-bugging-me-you're-weird-I-will-not-participate look.