Tuesday, May 11, 2010

look at your style i ain't really got nothin' on/and you wild when you ain't got nothing on/baby you the whole package plus you pay your taxes.

I love this picture. Via The Sartorialist, of course.

Beautiful is being interesting, comfortable in your own skin and visibly happy.
Sometimes we all need a reminder (before we become relative Heidi Montag equivalents) - and that's what I get out of this picture. Really, all of his pictures.

I made this blackberry cobbler for Mother's Day! Maybe ate most of it myself...

I am always coming up with outfits in my head so this site is brilliant!

Picasso's on Paseo for wine. Pachinko Parlor for the Teddy Roosevelt roll. Alliteration.

In the midst of reading War & Peace, I got stuck on the Chelsea Handler memoirs. She's no David Sedaris, but somehow I can't put them down. Confusing Russian names just pale in comparison at the moment.