Sunday, March 7, 2010

head full of doubt/road full of promise.

(past pictures from france and italy).
(and some current france updates from jenna).

the quirkiest church. beautiful, old stone and old style smack dab in the middle of a worn down, but still alive neighborhood of little houses. dusty floorboards. songs sung in rotating english and spanish. the guy orchestrating communion is legit crazy, lifting up banners and emblems at random and taking his duty beyond seriously. never knowing what was going to be yelled out in exaltation. who was going to meander across the room and bow before any given wall. i'm told at one time the large jesus statue had no hands. huge candles burning with drippy abandon on the alter. a little kid with a red mohawk.
and i was silently shocked by all of the people who came for the free meal beforehand and then noisily left in the middle of the service. all of the manners and etiquette and sense of decorum instilled in me over the years recoiling.
and then at the end the man giving the sermon said it doesn't bother him at all that people were eating and leaving. because they were hungry.
i left so humbled.

Eat at Joey's Pizza off of Classen. It's a hole in the wall and the lady who runs it is sweet, bossy and Russian and there's a hint of cinnamon in the sauce. Plus my heart will break if it closes.
Zumba with Cassie at the downtown YMCA during your lunch break - she is ahhhhmazing and it's so worth smelling up your office the rest of the day. (No, I don't have time to shower in between).
I've also decided that when I become a millionaire I will be the generous benefactor of both my local NPR station and the YMCA. Seriously, the effortless demographic makeup at the Y are what every single business, school, etc. should strive for.
After driving past Wayne Coyne's awesome house a couple of times Saturday night, I saw him and his wife and his dog at Starbucks the next morning. He was just hanging out, drinking his coffee and Naked juice, slapping high fives with his neighbors. Somehow this made him even cooler.
Watched Inglorious Bastards after delaying the experience because of an extreme aversion to blood, gore, Nazi brutality and the need to curl up in a corner and cry. However, it was so good.
Horchata, Vampire Weekend - yup, I'm digging it.
Whenever, Wherever, Shakira.
Avett Brothers live. So good it didn't even matter that they failed to play I and Love and You in front of a backdrop of the freaking Brooklyn Bridge.