Sunday, November 22, 2009

You're The Only Ten I See.

Trip Essentials:
Surviving the road with licorice, sunsets, a lone meteor, musicals (Evita) and Coke breaks.
William Faulkner trademarks: Yoknapatawpha County, Caddy, Dilsey, Addie, Thomas Sutpen, alcoholism, the Southern Gothic, texture, stream of consciousness...
The Patterson House: Nashville. Coolest bar I will ever go to in my life. Period. (Nondescript website proves it - so cool they don't even have to try).
Pancake Pantry: Nashville. Sweet potato pancakes, yummm.
Rolandos: Fort Smith, Arkansas. On the way home.
Wonderful and hospitable friends/family to stay with in Oxford, Nashville and Memphis.
Graceland Too. The most off-beat, creepy destination.