Sunday, November 15, 2009

Took Too Long To Think, I Was Wrong To Believe In Me Only.

Beautiful images getting me pumped for an upcoming roadtrip.
All by David Eustace, more found here.

Well, I took the GRE. Not good.

I'm now the owner of a brand new Camry.
The process of buying a car was akin to a prolonged dentist appointment and called for an immediate shower afterwards. I'm now saddled with debt for three years, like any true American.
However, I negotiated this deal myself and am paying for it myself in order to establish a good credit history, and with the new car smell and the safety and 15 years of not having to deal with this again (all fingers crossed) the pros far outweighed the cons.
There are rules to managing money wisely of course, the current economy is proof of that. But it's also important to factor in what you value as an individual. So here's to growing up and negotiating that careful balance (Well, okay, I'm still hibernating at home. So maybe not quite so grown up yet).

Since it's November, a few things I'm thankful for this week:
Contact lenses.
Good health.
Google Reader. (Thanks for the user-friendly instructions Jen!)
A kick ass trivia partner.
Sue Sylvester in a zoot suit.
Grapefruit juice.
Those special few I can watch Twilight on DVD with.
John Stewart as media watchdog:

Even though I am completely pro-choice, I can understand someone who has moral objections to abortion not wanting to subsidize it within the current health care reform. So I guess my thought on the issue was that it should be a non-issue: not any harder (especially for poor people) to receive the procedure, but not easier either. However, I found this article interesting:

Grant Lee Phillips, Mona Lisa.
Wilco, Solitaire.