Monday, November 2, 2009

Brief and Wondrous.

So I was robbed yesterday. Not like gunpoint robbed or a home break-in, but car windows shattered and immediate wham bam Walmart charges robbed. It's more unsettling than I thought. And I shouldn't have left my purse in the car.
I really miss my stuff. But then again, it's just stuff.
It's caused a million inconveniences. But then again, just put your head down and get through it.
I really hate the person(s) who did this. But then again, life's not fair. And life's not fair for anyone. There's no excusing it, but still. Who am I to judge what brings people to the mini van robbing level.

I spent the rest of my Sunday reading, because I'm convinced it's better GRE preparation than any vocab flashcards. I finished The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz. Strong, vivid, Dominican writing.

They got into the habit of talking on the phone a couple times a week, about nothing really, spinning words out of their everyday; the first time she called him, offering a ride to SAT class; a week later he called her, just to try it. His heart beating so hard he thought he would die but all she did when she picked him up was say, Oscar, listen to the bullshit my sister pulled, and off they'd gone, building another one of their word-skyscrapers.